Our mission

To help you recognise success

The team at Badges and Medals come to work every day to help our clients recognise success.

Everyone loves the feeling of winning and succeeding and our mission is to recognise it and provoke pride in our society today.

Do you find it difficult in finding the appropriate award, how to design them, what your budget needs to be, and what is actually available?

From our research we have found that if we can service these issues, with excellence and passion, we are the company for you.

What we do

As mentioned above we are hunting out opportunities to recognise success in every sector of the human life-cycle.

We are striving to be world class in what we do, by continuously evolving as a business and making life easier for the industries we choose to be in. To do this we are innovating and networking with our partners to come up with great solutions to fix the problems in the awards industry.

Badges and Medals works hard to build lasting partnerships with our key stakeholders – government bodies, the design community, our valued staff, events and organisers and our manufacturing partners. We believe developing a great improving culture is the catalyst for ongoing success for all of us.

“In a world full of promises, we will be the people that deliver”

Why we’re awesome

  • Free sample packs shipped to you
    Let us send you some work we have done before so you can touch and feel the quality we can produce
  • Expert Support with fast response times (within 3hrs on initial enquiry*)
    Try us out now, chocolates on us if another company responds to your enquiry quicker!
  • Capability to hold stock to save long re-order cycles
    e.g. we manufacture 500 units, you get the great bulk pricing, take 250 today get invoiced for them and order next 250 when you need them. Try us.
  • Competitive pricing without effecting quality
    Ok so there are 2 types of businesses in our industry one that manufactures all their goods in-house and distributes and the other who imports from off shore locations and ships out. The 1st being great quality but not so cost effective, and the 2nd can be very cheap but quality can slip as there is no control. Whereas at Badges and Medals, one of NZ’s longest standing medal manufacturers, we combine a long well established legacy in medal manufacturing with great and reliable off-shore connections to bring you a cost effective quality product you will be proud to receive and present.
  • World class design capabilities
    Welcome to the world of design, unleash your creativity now, we love it. “your idea, our challenge”
  • Market leading industry and product knowledge
    We believe that knowledge is gained by sharing it so we are always learning and wanting to help and improve in every way. If you have a question or some advice please let us know.

The Badges and Medals team

Terrence Deck

Managing Director
Terrence is our experience in the team, with many years in the original jewelry and medal crafting game, and with 50+ years of invaluable experience we cannot do without him.  He has built this business from the ground up with much toil and hard work, and is looking forward to see it grow and expand into the future.

Hamish Larsen

General Manager
Hamish is the creator and promoter of the Badges and Medals vision. With past experience in management and business development he loves a challenge and has a mission to see Badges and Medals continuing to help celebrate achievements and recognise the successes of New Zealand people into the future.

Ayden Hamilton

Business Development
Ayden is a driver of the Badges and Medals vision, who is passionate towards helping the community recognise and celebrate the success. Coming up through production, then design and now in a senior role he knows how it all works and has a vast knowledge of the industry. Ready to help out and just another invaluable member of our team.

Ingrid Frizzell

Design / Production
Ingrid breathes creativity, she loves a challenge and is always pushing the boundries in design. She is a helpful hand in many areas inside Badges and Medals, and brings a valuable skillset to the team.

Karen Ivory

Office Administrator
Karen Ivory is the friendly face of the business, and often she will be the first Badges and Medals voice you will hear. Whether its crunching the numbers, helping our clients or keeping the place running smoothly, she has it covered.

Brodie Hamilton

Brodie is our go-to man for anything operational, he is young and passionate and is keen to learn and develop as a team member. His job role covers a wide range of activities ranging from purchasing – production right through to after-sales service. When you contact Badges and Medals, be sure you will come across young Brodie.

Kathy Fisher

Badge Artificer
Kathy is the life around Badges and Medals, always providing an energetic and vibrant atmosphere, but most importantly she is in charge of all name badge manufacturing. With her job becoming busier and busier as more badge orders flow in she still keeps the batches flowing through.

Mark Bain

Production Manager
Mark is the brains behind Badges and Medals production and manufacturing. As an ex-airforce aircraft technician he is all about precision, perfection and quality.

Our Partners