Gymnastics New Zealand

The Presentation:


Badges and Medals being New Zealand's prime supplier of custom medals to National Sporting Organisations are the preferred supplier too Gymnastics New Zealand for their major national events which also spreads down to regional clubs too offering great discounts. GNZ has a great mission of "growing great New Zealanders through gymnastics" which we are proud to be a part of. 

The Process:

Gymnastics New Zealand have many members and understandably they are very conscious of their budget. Hamish and Ayden both work very closely with Ayla and Leanne who head the major events to look at saving costs in all areas without compromising the quality and service. Through our free design service and ability to bulk order we were able to produce amazing medals within the given budget.


The solution is simple, we care for our customers and will go out of our way to make sure they receive the best products they possibly can within their budget.

Can we help you too?

From our experience when discussing new designs and change there are some barriers that come up which is very understandable like;

Will it cost me more to change my design? 

To answer this question, yes it may slightly but it is more than likely we can match what the current budget is. Also you do have to think of the recipients, to see their faces when they receive a cool new medal design, the hype it brings to the event, making competitors strive more to receive these great medals.

How can I guarantee the quality of your medals?

Absolutely, but if you are not sure we are happy to send you a range of free samples to see the quality, or put you in touch with someone that is receiving medals from us currently and if that is not enough we will be happy to discuss manufacturing a free sample for you based on a few conditions.

Do I have to pay up front or pay a deposit?

No, if you are a club, association or event we will happily give you credit terms so you won't have to pay until 20th month following your order

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