Lapel Badges

Perfect for any type of recognition as they are a quick turnaround and a great cost effective and attractive way to commend, award or promote. There doesn’t need to be a minimum order quantity and the turnaround time is impressive. All we need from you is an image or design of what you want the face of you badge to look like then leave the rest to us. Attractive boxes and velvet pouches can come with these too for keepsakes.


These are the coolest little widgets we manufacture and design, we love these. The imagination can run wild on the design of pressed lapel badges. If it’s to make you suit look funky, show your support for cancer society or make your top student feel very special, then these are the widgets for you. Check out what’s below to see what we and the world have created in pressed lapel badges.

Lapel Badges Frequently Asked Questions

Custom pressed lapel badges will be similar to custom medals 3-4 weeks from confirmation of design and printed badges we can turn around within a week if needed.

Yes we are a company, under conditions, that will hold stock for you so you can get the great pricing with a bulk buy but not have to pay for the whole lot at once. Talk to us for more information.

Yes this is called an epoxy resin process, which has a domed finish and protects the printing on the badge from getting any scratches or imperfections. This is a UV resistant process too.

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