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Frequently Asked Questions


I want to get medals for my event, but don’t know where to start?

Well you have come to the right place, because we are all about taking these tasks off your hands and creating an making the medal ordering experience an effortless task. Start with having a browse on our website or elsewhere to get some inspirations then, with any detail, ideas, pictures or documents upload them or email them through to our proactive team to start the medal making journey. One of the team will ring you to discuss what you are wanting to achieve, they will ask you about quantities, time frames, design needs and what your budget is, then all you have to do is leave it to us and we will get to work.

What are the lead times for medals?

Depending on whether they are custom, stock or insert medals there is different lead times. For a custom medal the lead time is typically 3-4 weeks from confirmation of design, for stock and insert medals these can be turned around in 1-2 weeks depending on the quantities. We believe if you have a significant number of medals and time on your side custom medals are the way to go as its your unique design and will be received with more pride and gratitude.

What file type do you need to design my medal?

With our design software, we can basically design a medal or badge off any type of image e.g. TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, DWG, EXF, PDF or raw image files. Even if you need a full re-design of your logo we can do this for you at very competitive rates. We use Corel Draw, Adobe Design Suite for our work, and we also have access to alternate design professionals.

Does my file need to be a certain size for you to do artwork?

No, we can basically work off any size image or logo. Try us out, we have ways to vectorise fuzzy or low res images to sharpen them up.

Does my medal price include a ribbon?

Yes all medals will have ribbon included in the price. Also ask about sublimated printed ribbons too, they are a nicer finish, softer feel ribbon like the ones used for the Olympic medals which aren’t much more in cost.

What are medals made of?

Our standard custom medal is made of a zinc alloy metal which keeps the quality weight of the medal and durability, then plated with any of 20 different quality finishes. We are also one of the only pure gold, fine and sterling silver precious metal, medal manufacturers in New Zealand, so if you wish to create a prestigious medal talk to Terrence our medalogist today.

Can you do any custom designed medal?

Try us out, your idea our challenge, we love designing whacky stuff. But the answer is yes we can do nearly anything you want, 3D and 2D, with cut outs and inserts etc.

Can i get a presentation box for my medals?

For prices as low as $2 we could get a presentation box for your medals no problem, even emboss your brand or a message onto the box.


How long does it take you to make a badge?

Custom pressed lapel badges will be similar to custom medals 3-4 weeks from confirmation of design and printed badges we can turn around within a week if needed. Name badges we do in batches every day so just as soon as we can fit you in.

Can I get any size name badge?

We have 4-5 standard sizes for name badges in metal or plastic backed, of which one of those sizes will usually fit the purpose, but we can do custom in nearly any size and material, even wood!

Do you do the clear protective film over the badges?

Yes this is called an epoxy resin process, which has a domed finish and protects the printing on the badge from getting any scratches or imperfections. This is a UV resistant process too.

Can you hold stock of badges or medals?

Yes we are a company, under conditions, that will hold stock for you so you can get the great pricing with a bulk buy but not have to pay for the whole lot at once. Talk to us for more information.

What different attachments can i get for my name badge?

We can supply 3 different types of attachments for name badges, one a rolling catch pin type, butterfly pin, and a magnet type.

Can I print anything onto my name badge?


Yes we can print anything onto our badges, including any logo, colour or even photo.


I want a trophy but i don’t know where to start?

Fair enough, this is normal. As the design of trophies is endless, it would be wise to talk to one of the team, who will tailor a trophy to suit your event, personal and budget.

Do you do engravable gifts?

Yes we sure do and have some awesome gift ideas that can be personalised with engraving, check them out here!

Can you engrave anything?

Try us, we are confident we can engrave most things and if we cant we will use our laser marker to etch it into the surface. Some things we have engraved or laser etched are, leather, plastic, glass, stainless steel, wood, rubber, foam, wine glasses, jewelry, copper, brass, fiberglass and much more.

Do you do branded wine glasses?

Yes and a lot of them, being based in the sunny Marlborough wine thriving region we are one of NZ’s most experienced businesses in this process. We can also engrave cheese boards or any other serving products for wineries.

Can you print a photo onto my plaque?

The answer is yes, if you have a loved one that has deceased and you have a beautiful photo of him/her, send it through and we will print it onto your plaque no problem. The higher resolution the photo is the better it will look. Check out this one we have done here.

Do you have minimum order quantities for your awards?

Definitely not, we will send you 1 or a 1000

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